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Junkanoo Groups Hold Drawing To Determine Parade Order

The Roots Junkanoo group will be first ‘A’ category group to come out of the gates for this year’s 2010 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade.

A drawing was held at Arawak Cay on Saturday to determine the order of the groups for this year’s annual parade. Sixteen Junkanoo groups participated in the drawing.

Both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ groups will appear during the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Parades.

Second will be the Prodigal Sons, followed by the Valley Boys who will appear on Bay Street third.

Next will be the Saxons, followed by the Music Makers and One Family for the Boxing Day parade.

The ‘B’ groups will either make their laps on Shirley Street or on Bay Street, not both streets.

Four of the ‘B’ category groups will parade on Bay Street and another four on Shirley Street.

The Boxing Day rush on Bay Street will include the Fancy Dancers, Conquerors for Christ, Colours Entertainment and then One Love Soldiers, in that order.

On Shirley Street, the line up includes the Culture Junkanoo group, Redland Soldiers, Body for Christ Junkanoo group, Original Congos, Chipping Knights and the Foundation Junkanoo group, in that order.

The 2011 New Years Day Junkanoo Parade will feature the Saxons Junkanoo group out of the gates first.

The Saxons will be followed by the Music Makers, the Valley Boys, the Prodigal Sons, One Family and Roots.

In the ‘B’ group category, One Love Soldiers will be go first, followed by Colours Entertainment, Conquerors For Christ, Redland Soldiers, Culture Junkanoo group and then Fancy Dancers.

Finishing the ‘B’ category will be the Original Congo’s, followed by the Body for Christ, the Foundation Junkanoo group and last, the Chipping Knights.

NOTE: Since Boxing Day Falls on Sunday December 26, the Boxing Day Parade will begin at 12:01am on the morning of December 27, which will officially be observed as Boxing Day.

The New Year’s Day parade, he said, is scheduled for January 1 at 12:01am.

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