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Why Leon Williams Was Fired From BTC

Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC) Chairman Julian Francis, appearing on a radio talk show, revealed that the reason former BTC president Leon Williams was terminated had to do with concerns that Mr. Williams mismanaged the company during his two-year tenure at the helm of BTC.

“He was guilty of gross mismanagement of the company,” Mr. Francis said while appearing as a guest on the weekly programme “Jones and Company” Sunday.

“He could not be trusted and his pretending to be an expert in communications is really only a smoke screen.”

Mr. Williams was terminated back in 2008 for “numerous reasons,” according to BTC officials.

Mr. Francis said if BTC were not a monopoly, it would have had losses.

“If this company had not been a monopoly and take whatever it wanted from the Bahamian company for revenue, it would have been making losses long ago and the fact is that if you are going to bring discipline to a company, which is the largest in the economy that accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue… then you’ve got to be sure you do it right,” he said.

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