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Criminals Continue To Elude Police

It seems as if two cases are continuing to stump police officers, but authorities say they will not stop until both the Fidelity Bank robber and the assailant who killed attorney Dennis Gomez more than a month ago are caught.

On January 4, a lone gunman wearing a lacefront wig, lipstick and women’s clothing entered the bank, located in the Robin Hood Store with a gift in his hand claiming that it was for the bank manager.

When the manager went to the front of the bank the man held the woman and another bank employee at bay and forced them to take him inside the bank’s vault.

Police, meantime, are still investigating the shooting death of 57-year-old Dennis Gomez.

Officer-in-Charge of the Homicide Department, Assistant Superintendent, B.K. Bonimy, told the Bahama Journal yesterday that the police has no one in custody for the murder.

A struggle reportedly ensued between the culprit and the attorney, and the latter was shot several times about the body.

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