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Pinewood Sewage Crisis

More than one million gallons of untreated waste from residences in Pinewood Gardens and its outlying areas is estimated to be overflowing daily.

The Tribune reports that Pinewood MP Byron Woodside admitted the spillage was a chronic problem for the Waste and Water Treatment Plant at Pigeon Plum Street. The plant has been inundated by the load from both Pinewood Gardens and Lynden Pindling Estates.

Both subdivisions were developed by Franklyn Wilson’s Arawak Homes, a company that has shown poor judgement by building subdivisions on land unsuitable for such developments.

The news article notes that Water and Sewerage employees worked throughout the weekend trying to contain the problem by capping a spewing valve, unclogging waste reservoirs and stemming the flow of raw sewage into the community.

Residents complaint that the sewage has contaminated their water supply.

The situation, which has been going on for some time, predates Mr Woodside’s election but the MP hopes to solve the problem once and for all.

Mr Woodside told The Tribune that residents started to contact him concerning the nauseating odour that “emanated” from the area in December.

One part of the solution would include drilling a new deep injection well, enclosed by a concrete wall, for the expansion and improvement of the sewage facility.

The Water and Sewage Corporation was said to be in the tender process for the construction of a new disposable well. Contracts for the well, which will be 10 inches in diameter and 600ft deep, are expected to be awarded at the end of March.

Mr Woodside said the property is owned by Arawak Homes Limited.

“I’m concerned with the fact that on the site, and also the surrounding area, the property owned by Arawak Homes is being used for indiscriminate dumping,” Woodside said.

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