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Don’t Drink The Water

Residents living near the aging waste and water treatment plant at Pigeon Plum Street are “strongly” advised not to drink water from private wells, reports the Tribune newspaper in a front page article.

A statement released by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) urged people to use the city water supply instead.

The statement also encouraged residents who may not have a water connection, or those whose supply may be disconnected, to contact WSC for possible assistance.

City water allegedly comes from one of the desalination plants operated by the WSC. That water is said to be treated to meet standards for potable water use, such as drinking or cooking.

Hoever, many residents who use city water say it is grossly over-chlorinated to compensate for the poor quailty.

“It is like drinking from a hotel swimming pool,” one resident said.

Still, nothing could be as bad as the sewage coming from private wells in the area.

Excess water and waste exploded from the aging waste and water treatment plant on Friday. It is estimated that more than a million gallons of untreated waste was overflowing daily.

WSC employees worked throughout the weekend to cap the spewing valve, unclog waste reservoirs and stem the flow of raw sewage into the community.  Additional corrective measures are being implemented.

“WSC sincerely apologises to the affected residents and pledges our commitment to bringing about a proper solution at the earliest possible date,” the statement from WSC said.

There was also widespread criticism of Franklyn Wilson of Arawak Homes, the developer whose alleged irresponsibility helped create the mess when the company created the Pinewood Gardens and Lynden Pindling estates developments on low-lying land.

“Only an ass would have built such densely populated subdividions on land unsuitable for such developments.  There was no proper accommodation for sewerage,” said one disgruntled resident familiar with the situation.

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