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Brave Davis Accused of Fomenting Disorder

Brave Davis, deputy leader of the PLP crime mob, has been accused of hiring thugs to promote disorder at the most recent BTC protest on Bay Street.

MP for Golden Isles and Culture Minister Charles Maynard made the accusation in the House of Parliament Tuesday.

Maynard claims that Davis made an offer to pay “extra” money to thugs who would agree to be locked up during Monday’s protest against the sale of BTC to Cable & Wireless Communications.

Davis immediately jumped to his feet, demanding that Mr Maynard give proof and name the individual involved.

Curiously, Davis, while calling the allegations “serious”, never actually denied them. Instead he challenged Mr Maynard to make the claims outside of the House of Parliament where MP’s would not be immune from slander & libel laws.

Nor did Mr Davis demand that the remarks be withdrawn. Political observers say this could be because the allegations may be true.

It is well known that PLP operatives hired thugs for the February 23 demonstration against the sale of BTC. That demonstration turned ugly when protestors broke through police barricades and became violent. Police had to beat some of the more aggressive protestors with batons to keep the peace.

Well-placed sources within the PLP crime mob have already admitted that a PLP “operative” did indeed pay thugs to attend the most recent protest.  However, PLP leaders claim this was done without their knowledge.  When the thugs came to Perry Christie’ downtown office to collect their fee, they were told Mr Christie was at Gambier House, the PLP’s headquarters.

When the group of paid protestors arrived at the PLP headquaters on Farrington Road, PLP leaders refused to pay them and a fight broke out. When PLP leaders finally offered to pay the thugs a portion of what was promised them, the men refused and demanded full amount. Police were called to tame the crowd.

PLP chairman Bradley Roberts had no comment on the matter.

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