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Ingraham Vindicated

Perry Christie and his PLP cohorts must be embarrassed.  Try as they might to thwart the development of the Bahamas, using every rotten trick in the book, they have failed.

The small turnout of mostly misinformed protesters, along with thugs paid by the PLP, at a sputtering demonstration yesterday clearly proved that the majority of Bahamians support Prime Minister Ingraham’s efforts towards the sale of 51% of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company to Cable and Wireless Communications.

Mr Christie and the union leaders he has in his pocket called for 10,000 protesters to descend upon Bay Street for the ultimate display of solidarity against the sale of the telecommunications company.  Instead, a few hundred misinformed demonstrators, selfish union leaders, paid thugs and uber-nationalists trolled about Rawson Square, pretty much without incident.

The presence of the small group of protesters didn’t stop the FNM government from taking care of business, passing legislation necessary for the transfer of BTC to C&W.

It was touching to watch the demonstrators sing the Bahamas national anthem, despite the fact that they were protesting against the betterment of the nation.

Actually, it appeared to be more of a PLP political rally than a BTC demonstration. Many of the people gathered near Rawson Square were wearing their PLP t-shirts and carrying signs with anti-FNM slogans.

Unlike February’s protest, where demonstrators mobbed the police and overran barricades, this time the crowd was smaller and better behaved.  Plus, the police were ready for the crowd, with barricades chained together in a way that made it difficult for the demonstrators to enter Rawson Square.

FNM Ministers, leaving the House of Assembly after their successful votes, were booed by the crowd.

Union leaders vow they will continue to march on Parliament until the deal to sell BTC to CWC is dead.

Fortunately, for the good of the Bahamas, Mr Ingraham will not be intimidated by bullying tactics.

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