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Ingraham’s ‘No’ Vote a Freudian Slip?

Opposition MPs burst into cheers and laughter when Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, seemingly distracted by his Blackberry, accidentally voted “No” on the crucial BTC sale vote.

Mr Ingraham immediately corrected himself, but PLP Parliamentarians are clamouring that his intial vote should have been counted.

It wouldn’t have mattered.  The resolution would have passed handily, even if Mr Ingraham’s “no” vote had been counted.

Some people called into Ortland Bodie’s radio talk show insisting that the original vote stand.

However, according to the acting chief clerk at the House of Assembly, Rule 59.20 allows for a Member of Parliament to change his vote.

“If a Member claims that he voted in error, or that his vote has been wrongly counted, his vote may be altered on the ruling of the Speaker or the chairman before the result of the position has been declared,” the rule states.

Some are jokingly saying that Mr Ingraham’s “no” vote was a Freudian slip. The PLP was quick to “share” a video of Mr Ingraham’s faux pas online through various social media websites.

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