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Mysterious Bluewater Principals Threaten to Sue

The company that came close to purchasing 49 percent of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), in a nefarious deal with the Christie administration, is threatening to sue the Bahamas government over what it says are defamatory statements.


Only in the bizzarro Bahamas legal world could a group of unidentified shysters threaten to sue for being referred to as unidentified shysters.

A U.S.-based attorney representing Bluewater Ventures Limited has written to attorney John Almeida, the government’s attorney.

Claudia T. Salomon of the New York law firm DLA Piper LLP said in a letter to Almeida, “It has come to our attention that representatives of the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas have made a series of false and defamatory statements about Bluewater and its principals.”

How would anyone know? The principals behind Bluewater have not been made public.

“These statements — which denigrate the integrity, competence and experience of Bluewater — have been widely reported by the Bahamian press and have harmed Bluewater’s reputation,” the attorney wrote.

What reputation?

This foolish American attorney has no idea how things work in the Bahamas. He’d better keep his mouth shut before someone does some digging around and discovers, what might be, infractions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It would be unusual for anyone in the Christie cabinet to do anything without getting their palms greased.

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