Petition Charges PM With Treason

In one of the most egregious examples of Bahamian stupidity, Randy Rolle is alleging that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has “committed treason” with his attempt to sell the Bahamas Telecommuications Company to Cable & Wireless.

Rolle is asking members of the public to sign his petition to bring Mr Ingraham before the World Court and the United Nations.

No joke.

“I, Randy Rolle, a Bahamian citizen of a civic organization call for economic justice and equality for Bahamians. Our objective is to get Bahamians to sign on a petition to cause the charge of treason to be brought against Hubert Alexander Ingraham to the World Court and the United Nations,” Rolle’s petition charges.

Rolle’s petition says Mr Ingraham has undermined the trust of Bahamians and absolved the obedience of the people by giving away BTC at the expense of the Bahamian people.

Rolle says his petition is not a joke, that “it is serious” because he believes no prime minister should act as “king or evil counsellor” to deprive Bahamians of their fundamental rights as citizens.