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Robin Hood Busted For Alleged Customs Violations

Customs and police officers swarmed the Robin Hood compound off Tonique Williams Darling Highway last night. The officers seized computer equipment as Sandy Schaefer, the the store’s owner, looked on in disbelief.

This morning’s Nassau Guardian has exclusive coverage on the bust.

There have been rumours for some time that Robin Hood was doing “something” that allowed them to offer prices that other retailers could not match.

Mr Schaefer has publicy stated that he has changed the face of retailing in The Bahamas and forced other retailers to lower their prices.

One retailer told BahamasB2B that Robin Hood was selling items for less that he could buy them for.

Mr Schaefer’s attorney, Wayne Munroe, was on hand as the scene at Robin Hood unfolded.  Munroe was insisting that the police officers give his client a receipt for the items that were confiscated. However, the Nassau Guardian reports that did not happen.

The drama ended around 10:00pm with Customs and police officers driving away with the store’s computers.

A shocked Mr Schaefer told the Nassau Guardian that he operates an “honest and transparent operation.”

“Like all bullies, bullies will push you and push you until you say stop,” the paper reports Mr Schaefer as saying.

“We’re going to stay open. We’re going to do everything that we need to do. We will Prevail. In the end, right is right and wrong is wrong,” he added.

Robin Hood employs about 300 Bahamians.

The Nassau Guardian reportedly asked one of the officers about the raid and was told, “We would not have come in there without it being justified. We went in there based on reasonable cause, more than reasonable cause.”

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