Truckers For Baha Mar Endangering Lives

The press release reads, “Over 800,000 tons of fill was delivered to the Baha Mar grounds by approximately 50 trucks who are part of the Independent Truckers’ Association on day 1 of reporting to work.”

What the press release does not tell you is HOW those truckers moved so much dirt in one day.

By speeding recklessly through the streets of Nassau.

Dozens of huge trucks were seen speeding recklessly down Bay Street over the past few days as truckers working for Baha Mar tried to move as many loads of dirt as they could.

The problem started March 1, 2011 as almost 100 truckers, who are part of phase one of the Cable Beach $3.4 billion Baha Mar Resort project, started buzzing down Bay Street to get their dirt dumped and get back for another load.

One trucker was speeding wildly and honking his loud horn as if to warn the drivers of much smaller vehicles to get out of the way… or else!

At Arawak Cay, trucks were lined up to receive the fill that excavators were discarding from the Nassau Harbour dredging that ended in September of last year. The trucks were now moving the fill to the Baha Mar site for the new road project.

The Independent Truckers Association (ITA) had a bit of a rocky start as truckers felt they were not being paid enough to move each load of dirt.  After a staging a 3-day protest, which included parking 60 of their trucks just west of the Cable Beach Police Station, the company in charge of setting the prices increased the pay per load from the original $45.00.

That apparently is not enough for the truckers who feel that speeding through Nassau to squeeze as many loads as they can into one day, is a better way to increase their incomes.