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Ambulance Attacked By Bottle-Throwing Thugs

An ambulance in Long Island, on the way to the hospital, was attacked by bottle-throwing thugs, breaking the windshield and injuring the driver.

President of Air Ambulance Services, Frank Walkine, said the ambulance was transporting a patient in critical care when a group of men started throwing beer bottles at the vehicle.  It is not known why the men behaved in that manner.  The ambulance had its siren blaring and the lights flashing. It appears to have been an unprovoked attack.

“Never have I heard of somebody attacking an ambulance. We were transporting a level one patient – it was a life and death matter,” Walkine told the Tribune newspaper, who intially reported the story.

Mr Walkine hopes the police will pursue the matter aggressively.

Anyone with information relating to the incident should call police on 911, 919 or call Crime Stoppers on 328TIPS (8477).

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