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‘Dangerous’ Judge Makes Another Biased Decision

Judge Jon Isaacs, who many think is a danger to society, has again stunned the legal community by awarding costs to a Cheryl Grant-Bethell.

In another society-wracking decision, Supreme Court judge Jon Issacs has awarded costs to Cheryl Grant-Bethel, despite the fact that she filed a frivilous lawsuit and lost her case in court.

Grant-Bethell, the former deputy director of public prosecutions, was awarded costs in her lawsuit against the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC), who she inappropriately took legal action against after she was passed up for the post of Director of Public Prosecutions.

She was passed up, allegedly in part, due to information given to the JLSC by the Security Intelligence Branch (SIB) of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

In his 11 page judgment, the judge said, “I did find that the JLSC failed to treat her fairly and the advice tendered to the governor general was flawed because the JLSC considered material they should not have had.”

This, of course is absurd, as one of the functions of the SIB is to vet candidates for high-ranking pubic service sector jobs.

Thomas Evans, QC, who represented the JLSC,  had submitted that the costs should follow the event – the event being that Ms Grant-Bethel’s application for judicial review was dismissed.

Wayne Munroe represented Ms Grant-Bethel.  Munroe’s ethics have been questioned after he was accused of allegedly “rigging” cases by negotiating judicial decisions before the cases were ever heard in court.  Mr Munroe was also recently embroiled in a nasty custody battle, for a child he had out-of-wedlock, with a woman who was also dating a notorious drug dealer at the time.

Judge Isaacs, whose obvious bias for Ms Grant-Bethel has skewered the legal process for months, apparently bought into arguments that Ms Grant-Bethel should have had a chance to defend herself against any allegations contained in the report.

Tha argument is invalid as the JLSC has the duty to recommend candidates for the DPP job and should use all means necessary to make a sound decision.

Justice Isaacs said that the JLSC should pay 90 percent of Grant-Bethell’s legal fees for two lawyers.  On the other hand, he ordered Grant-Bethell to pay 20 percent of the legal fees of Office of the Attorney General for two lawyers.

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