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PLP Continues BTC Lies

Opposition’s Factory of Lies Manufactures another Fabrication

Having lost the national debate on the privatization of BTC and the further liberalization of the telecommunications sector, the Opposition is now reduced to manufacturing lies about the new BTC and Cable & Wireless partnership.

Yesterday the PLP’s propaganda machine, which has become a factory of lies and distortions, released a false statement claiming that BTC was getting ready to dismiss 600 BTC employees. The statement further claimed that a number of BTC employees had already received letters advising them of their dismissal.

These bold-faced lies by the Opposition have been emphatically refuted by the management of BTC. These lies are a part of a PLP campaign intended to frighten employees at BTC and sow unrest in the country.

This latest fabrication from the Opposition’s factory of lies is an extension of their prior reckless and irresponsible behaviour during the BTC debate. That behaviour included paying demonstrators, among them individuals with known criminal backgrounds, to create havoc during protests on Bay Street which threatened to overrun a police barricade and the precincts of the House of Assembly.

For its own narrow and selfish political gain, the Opposition’s extreme behaviour and outright lies and distortions about the new BTC-Cable & Wireless partnership did not end with the privatization of BTC. But to stoop so low as to frighten BTC employees by manufacturing outright lies is disgraceful and deserves contempt by the Bahamian people and the employees of the company.

It is also a further indication, as has been previously stated, that the Opposition cares little about the employees at BTC, except as pawns in its attempt to grab power at any cost.


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