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PLP MP Steals $500K From Party

The Progressive Liberal Party is conducting an investigation into the disappearance of nearly a half-million dollars by one of their top ranking party members.

This latest scandal was revealed when a “powerful” donor offered to back the party in the upcoming election, but only if they can give the money directly to the party, and not donate through an MP, as they did the last time.

The money they had donated for the last election apparently never made it into the party’s coffers.

Ssources claim that party leader Perry Christie was unaware of the situation.  Not surprising, as Mr Christie is usually in the dark.

The PLP, which has been likened to a criminal organisation by government officials in the United States and Europe, is infected by some of the most unsavoury characters in The Bahamas.  Their treasurer was recently indicted in the United States on money laundering charges.

Lynden Pindling led the scandal-filled party for over thirty years before Perry Christie, an egotistical and clueless bumpkin, took over as leader. Pindling was forced from power by international pressure after his close relationship with notorious drug kingpin Carlos Lehder was uncovered by the international press.

Under Christie’s leadershp corruption and scandals went unchecked to the point where the party is currently so tarnished by corruption, its viability is threatened.

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