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TopGun Pilot Launches Eco-Friendly Airline

Tropic Ocean Airways, a privately-owned seaplane charter airline, announces its official launch, now offering travelers unique luxury seaplane adventures in the Florida Keys, Key West, Miami, the Bahamas, and more.

“This moment marks the realization of a lifelong dream for me,” says the airline’s founder and president, Rob Ceravolo, a U.S. Navy pilot and graduate of the esteemed TOPGUN. “Seaplanes have been an integral part of South Florida’s identity since the Clippers of the 1930s. They’ve been missing in recent years…Tropic Ocean Airways is bringing them back.”

Tropic Ocean Airways offers convenient and quick round-trip shuttle flights between Key West and the famous Miami Seaplane Base in downtown Miami. Additionally, the airline offers private charters and snorkeling tours to the abundant reefs and islands in the Florida Keys, travel to and from waterfront resorts and complete scuba diving and fishing charter packages through their partner businesses in Key West. And for the more discerning traveler, Tropic Ocean Airways can build a custom charter to the traveler’s destination of choice… beachside, dockside, or even boatside.

But it’s not just about the fun for this nature lover. From the moment Rob began planning his charter airline, he made environmental protection a priority.

“We believe we have a responsibility to protect the delicate environment in which we operate,” Rob says. “So we researched and implemented several green initiatives to help reduce the impact we have on the environment.”

These eco-friendly measures include: capturing fuel during testing, filtering and reusing the fuel to prevent waste and ground seepage; and, the use of special injectors that balance fuel distribution, as well as a high-tech engine monitor that eliminates unnecessary fuel burn, reducing emissions and decreasing fuel consumption.

“We take great pride in our eco-friendly operation,” Rob adds. “We balance out our ‘carbon footprint’ by purchasing carbon offsets through TerraPass, making us nearly 100-percent carbon neutral. By funding clean energy projects, we sponsor a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that are directly proportional to the emissions created by each flight.”

Source: PRWEB

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