Were Atlantis Lifeguards Culpable in Child’s Death?

The little five-year-old girl who died last week after a water park “incident” at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island did not have to die, according to an expert eye witness.

“This little girl did not have to die,” says Toni Randall in a report by The Edmonton Journal, a respected newspaper in the Canadian town where the little girl, Brooklyn Rattai, was from.

Brooklyn died Thursday, three days after she was pulled unconscious from a pool at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Ms Randall, a critical care nurse from Michigan, along with an emergency doctor, was forced to stand-by, helplessly watching the bungling lifeguards at Atlantis incorrectly perform CPR on the drowned child.

A group of about 10 young, inexperienced and obviously panicking resort lifeguards arrived at the scene, “some performing CPR, but not checking for a pulse or turning the girl to prevent water going into her lungs,” Ms Randall told the newspaper.

Against family protests, the lifeguards physically pushed the doctors and the nurse away, telling Ms Randall that her nursing documents weren’t valid in the Bahamas. They told her to stay back or they’d call the police.

Now the police might be called on them and their employers… for negligent homicide.

Not only does it appear that Atlantis Resort employees are culpable in the child’s death, but this incident also highlights the utter incompetence and total disregard for the safety of visitors that has become synonymous with vacationing in The Bahamas.

This quote from the Edmonton Journal says it all…

“A resort nurse later arrived, but had no epinephrine shots, IV, or even a child’s CPR mask. After about half an hour, an ambulance arrived, but they didn’t intubate or start an IV. Meanwhile, an anesthetist had rushed to the scene, but wasn’t allowed to intubate the child to help create an airway. Randall said the whole rescue took too long to realistically prevent brain damage from a lack of oxygen. The girl was taken to Doctors Hospital in Nassau, where she died Thursday.”

And it isn’t the first time this sort of thing happened in “paradise”.

In August 2000, a 12-year-old boy died after he was sucked into a drain while snorkeling with his brother in the Atlantis Resort’s lagoon.

And, everybody remembers the death of John  Travolta’s son.  In that incident, the ambulance driver conspired with a Senator of the Bahamas government to BLACKMAIL the Travoltas.

Then, there was the Gallagher incident, in which a little boy died when an unmanned speed boat raced up onto the beach, killing the boy as he sat with his mother. It happened on the beaches of the Atlantis Resort.  The family tried for years to have the irresponsible boat owner prosecuted… to no avail. Crooked lawyers and politicians in The Bahamas made sure the family got nowhere in the dysfunctional and corrupt Bahamian courts.

Another strange incident occurred when Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel, died suddenly while visiting his mother at Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau.  It appears that not even the hospitals in the Bahamas are safe.