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Attorney General To Explain Poor Prosecution Record

After the Nassau Guardian published several articles highlighting unsuccessful prosecutions and reporting on the dismal state of the Bahamas legal system, Attorney General John Delaney says that, when he has time, he will try to explain why it is that criminals do not go to jail in The Bahamas.

For days, The Guardian tried to get Mr Delaney or Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Vinette Graham-Allen to address these issues, but had no success.

No one knows what the dynamic duo is so busy doing but it certainly is not their jobs.

On Monday, Mr Delaney said he might be available the week of May 23 to speak on this issue.

Yesterday, his permanent secretary, Archie Nairn, announced that the attorney general will speak at a press conference but only has half an hour for reporters “due to other obligations.”

According to Nairn, the purpose of the press conference is “to update the press on the Office of the Attorney General’s efforts regarding the criminal justice system and to be available for questions.”

There were three separate cases, in just a two week period, where individuals who were on trial for murder have walked free on technicalities.  Three separate justices were involved in these matters.

It appears that incompetent and/or corrupt prosecutors, court employees, police officers, lawyers and judges are making a mockery of the legal system and making justice in the Bahamas an impossible dream.

Kudos to the Nassau Guardian for putting the Attorney General’s feet to the fire and attempting to bring this foolishness to the public’s attention.

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