McCartney: Chinese Funding FNM

Democratic National Alliance leader Branville McCartney is demanding that the FNM disclose their campaign finances yet refuses to reveal his own financiers.

Branville McCartney, self-imposed leader of the fledgling Democratic National Alliance (DNA), is accusing the FNM of being funded by the Chinese.   He wants the party to disclose what deals were made, if any, to receive campaign financing from China.

Mr McCartney provided no evidence that the Chinese were funding the FNM and he refused to disclose his own party’s finances.  Rumours abound that the DNA is funded by foreigners and disgruntled members of the PLP.

McCartney says the fact that Chinese government officials visited the FNM’s headquarters last week was “suspicious”.

FNM Chairman Carl Bethel, in a statement to the press, called the assertions untrue and cheap political shots. Bethel said there is nothing suspicious about the visit from the Chinese delegation last week. Government is merely working to maintain diplomatic ties with the country that is doing so much in The Bahamas.

Mr Bethel said, “the FNM party has neither asked for, nor received, any offer of financial assistance from the governing Party of China.” Curiously, he did not say whether individual Chinese investors have contributed to the FNM’s campaign.

Noting that there is currently no accountability or regulations in place for election campaign funding, Mr McCartney said foreigners can “throw millions” behind the FNM and its re-election bid. He failed to mention how the PLP or his own DNA were being financed, although he did say that if the PLP and the FNM disclose their finances, he would disclose his.