Crazy Police Driving Has Motorist Fearing For Her Life

Today I actually feared for my life.

As my son, who was driving my car, pulled over as close to the wall as possible on West Bay Street just before The Nassau Street traffic light all I could see were two very fast, very big menacing motor cycles moving at an outrageous and break neck speed bearing down on us, the one closest to my car missed us by mere inches (trust me I was in the passengers seat!). They were moving!

The scary part of this story is that they were two motorcycle policemen… this first very dangerous attack was followed by approximately 15 cars, all travelling way beyond any reasonable speed limit for the area… two more motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic in the middle and another two at the back.

This impressive motorcade consisted of several of the large, black Chevy Tahoes that the special units drive, several TC plated cars and in the middle of it all, a car flying a Chinese flag. I should think that the guest of honour must have been paralyzed with fear!

Please tell me that all this menacing behaviour was not to take the Chinese Ambassador back to the airport.

I instantly phoned 919, which took over 3-1/2 minutes to answer, (yes, I did time it). I commented to the person who answered that it was fortunate that my life had not depended on the speed that the phone was picked up.

When I told the respondent on the phone I was calling to report insane and dangerous driving on behalf of the Royal Bahamas Police Force he could not believe what I was saying and asked me several times to¬† repeat myself. At the end of the call he assured me that he would have a word with “those boys.” It was interesting, if I call 919 to report a broken down car they ask me for my phone number, address and the colour of my house, this time I did not even have to give my phone number, nor was I asked my name, though I gave it!

This entire performance with the police and the cavalcade was accompanied by horns blaring and sirens screaming. Just what do you think the tourists must have felt. It was like an absurd scene out of some inferior American cop movie. The sirens and horns almost gave a feeling of unrest and revolt, the speed and aggression one of violence.

I want to be a staunch supporter of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and I know many individual policemen who I do respect, but I have serious difficulty respecting these dangerous displays on the roads. Some of these young policemen drive their bikes like kids with a new toy that they have not learnt to handle properly; somebody is going to get badly hurt in the process. These officers are supposed to be protecting the Bahamian public not putting us in jeopardy whatever their mission.

Far be it for me to tell the Bahamas Government what country should be their new Best Friend, but if they are so worried for their safety then please purchase a helicopter to move them from one place to another, there are less people to kill in the skies.

I think it is a very sad reflection that today I feared for my life because of how a police officer was driving his vehicle. I beseech the Commissioner of Police to address this issue as soon as possible as I feel that it is important.

Kim Victoria Aranha
June, 2011