Tired of BEC’s Excuses

Less than a week after the incompetent chairman of  BEC promised there would be no more power outages in Nassau… guess what?

People throughout New Providence suffered again from blackouts even after Michael Moss and his mouthpiece, Arnette Wilson-Ingraham, assured residents that blackouts were a thing of the past.

Only last week, the incompetent chairman of BEC said that all the poorly maintained generators had been repaired and that there was plenty of power for all.

Yet, yesterday, several areas of New Providence were without power during different parts of the day and evening.

BEC spokeswoman Wilson-Ingraham said a tripped generator was to blame, forcing the company to load shed because, once again, it could not meet customer demand.

Now she says that BEC plans to secure additional back-up generators by the end of July to prevent further blackouts. But she warned that if even one generator goes off-line then there will still be a shortfall and power will be cut to some residents once again.

This is in stark contrast to what BEC said only last week when they assured people that even if one genrator goes out, there would still be enough power to go around.

The proposed back-up generators are little 20 megawatt portables that will barely make a difference.

People are very concerned about what will happen when Baha Mar is completed.  The whole island will be dark so the massive resort can keep their lights on.

People are sick and tired of the incompetence at the government-owned utility and wonder why Prime Minister Ingraham doesn’t fire the entire management team.