When Will The Water Sports Carnage Stop?

Another tourist has been seriously injured in a jet-ski accident only days after the government promised to review water sports legislation and less than a month after another tourist died from an unregulated water sports industy.

Only last week, Minister for the Environment Earl Deveaux, said government will review the rules and the regulations regarding water sports.  True to form, he never said they would enforce the rules and regulations.

In the most recent incident, a man from Louisiana was taken to the hospital on Saturday after the accident, which occurred around noon in waters off Cabbage Beach.

The 42-year old man collided with a female relative who had also rented a jet-ski.

Concerns over the dangers of jet-skis and other watersports have been ignored for years by the Bahamas Government, despite numerous deaths and serious injuries.

There is a poorly enforced law that requires jet-ski operators to provide a 15-minute training session to anyone interested in renting a jet-ski.  However, that is rarely done and never enforced.

On June 17, it was reported that a woman was killed and her husband was serioulsy injured after they fell from the sky when their parasailing harness broke.  The couple were honeymooning in Grand Bahama and probably unaware of the many, many deaths and injuries that have occurred due to water sports in The Bahamas.

Less than a month before that, on May 23, it was reported that a 35-year-old woman from Florida was seriously injured when the banana boat she was riding in collided with a jet-ski driven by two people.

That incident occurred on Cabbage Beach, off Paradise Island.

Just weeks before that a female tourist from the United States died in a horrific jet-ski accident in Nassau Harbour. The 27-year-old woman from Florida, and a male companion also in his late 20s, had rented a jet-ski after arriving in Nassau on a Carnival Cruise ship.

The pair was riding the jet-ski in Nassau Harbour when they crashed into a boat near the entrance of the harbour, off the Montagu Foreshore.

And on and on it goes.