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BTC Offers Free Night Calls

Marlon Johnson, BTC Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

There may still be no such thing as a free lunch, but for 30 days BTC pre-paid customers can make as many free nationwide calls at night as they want so long as they make eight paid calls during regular hours.

Called Crazy 8s, the promotion is aimed at rewarding frequent callers and if response to advance word on BTC’s Facebook page today is any indication, the promotion is likely to create the busiest mobile phone buzz in history.

“Within minutes of posting it, we had incredible response,” said Marlon Johnson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Facebook fans were posting responses saying they loved BTC and using words like ‘Yayayay!!!’ and ‘kewl’ and ‘where you been all my life?'” People are quick to recognise and appreciate value, especially in a challenging economy and BTC is glad to be in a position to bring that value.”

The promotion, which begins August 22, entitles customers to unlimited free local calling between the hours of 9:30 pm and 7 am Monday-Friday if they have placed eight paid calls or more during that same day between 7:01 am and 9 pm. Regular pre-paid calls made during the day can be of any duration, according to Johnson, and may be made to another mobile number, land line, VIBE line or to another phone service provider. The promotion does not cover long distance calls.

“In July, we eliminated connection charges for inter-island calls, making all calls in The Bahamas local calls. Last week we introduced Mad Mondays, a promotion adding between 10% and 25% more value for topping up on Mondays between now and November 7,” said Johnson. “Now today with Crazy 8s, we hope BTC customers know how much we appreciate their business and that this is our way of saying thank you.”

Free evening air time lasts until September 19.

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