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BTC: Communication Revolution Coming Soon

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) CEO Geoff Houston provided an update on the company’s progress and future plans during his address at a Chamber of Commerce meeting on Friday at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant.

Houston noted that BTC hopes to build a wireless infrastructure which would enable individuals and businesses to participate in the communication revolution that is taking place around the world.

The company’s big objective is to move quickly toward achieving that goal, he noted and it’s first project is to build a 4G network across the islands.

The $43 million investment project has already begun, he said, and phase one will encompass Grand Bahama in addition to New Providence.

“We expect to have service here live in Grand Bahama by Christmas so you’ll be able to connect your iPad to a 4G network and the data speed we expect to achieve is probably 20 to 30 times faster than what you’re currently seeing on mobile phones,” he said.

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