Eleuthera Chamber Of Commerce Formed

Eleuthera has been granted its own Chamber of Commerce, which will change the way the island – and indeed the country – conducts business.

Thomas Sands, a prominent entrepreneur on the island – with interests in retail, property, insurance and tourism – takes up the post of president.

He told Guardian Business the paperwork has been approved to become a legal, incorporated entity.

In July 2010, Guardian Business reported that executives announced their intention to launch a Chamber of Commerce for Eleuthera.

Since then, hundreds of discussions, memos and proposals have taken place.

With the approval now in place, the next task is to develop the membership, which will include business owners, stakeholders and individuals of influence on the island.

Elizabeth Byron, the editor and owner of ‘The Eleutheran’, will serve as vice president.

Unlike some other Chamber of Commerce entities in the Family Islands, Sands said making the organization incorporated gives it real teeth when dealing with the government.

In other words, it is expected to have significant clout in all future business dealings on the island.