Prime Minister Ingraham On Boundary Changes

Nassau, Bahamas – Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham comments on the boundary changes slated for the 2012 general election.

The following are direct quotes from the video made by the Prime Minister:

“In order to reduce the seats by three, we must eliminate three seats. I do not know where the story came from that has been carried in the newspapers. It could only have been leaked by the PLP as to which seats will be eliminated – but it is not a true story.”

“All I know is the FNM would have drawn equitable and fair lines consistent with its mandate to see as many seats as possible have an equal number of votes, and where they are not equal, ensure the inequality does not exceed a certain percentage.”

“New Providence has 77 per cent of the population and so we are so we are seeking to have 23 seats – which should produce an average number of voters per constituency of 4,170 or there about.”

“I do not understand what they mean by a strain on MPs , the lazy ones among us will always be lazy. I cannot imagine why there would be a strain on an MP in New Providence to visit his constituency and be responsive to them, after all the government gives them $1,500 a month to maintain an office and be available to them.”

By Free National Movement