Fish-Spotting Tricks In Long Island


I’m wrapping up a great week of do-it-yourself bonefishing on Long Island in the Bahamas. (More on that to come.) What makes bonefishing especially interesting and alluring is that it is all about spotting fish, and I believe that sight fishing is top of the game.

It’s where fishing meets hunting in my mind. If you see your quarry before you make the cast, and then put the fly in the money zone, that’s as good as it gets, regardless of how big the fish you catch really is. (At least that’s my opinion–I’ll trade 10 fish caught “blind” for one laid-up target in skinny water.)

…I picked up a really great tip from Long Island guide Markk Cartwright. He suggests that to train your eyes for spotting fish, whenever you or the people you’re fishing with lands a fish and releases it, you should keep your eyes on that fish until it swims completely out of sight.