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Suspected Case Of Tuberculosis At Primary School

The Ministries of Health and Education wish to inform that a suspected case of tuberculosis was reported at the Claridge Road Primary School on 21st February 2012.  Subsequently, the Department of Public Health’s surveillance team responded and conducted the required screening of the total staff complement and the entire student population.  No cases of tuberculosis were found.

The suspected case was admitted to hospital for the required assessments and found not to have active, transmissible tuberculosis.  The individual has since been discharged.

The public is reminded that good public health practice requires that screening activities are conducted once a suspected case of tuberculosis is identified anywhere in our community.  This is to ensure that the potential for spread is diminished and/or eliminated.  The public is also reminded that tuberculosis is spread from person to person though the air when an infected individual coughs or sneezes.  Good hygiene practices such as covering your cough and disposal of tissue in the trash after use along with frequent hand washing with soap and water will prevent the spread of tuberculosis and other infectious respiratory diseases.

For further information you may contact the Department of Public Health at 502-4790 or 502-4776 between the hours of 9AM – 5PM daily.

Ministry of Health

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