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Union Foments Unrest At BTC

Union trouble

Industrial action is brewing between Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) and the union representing the line staff of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) over the terms of a new industrial agreement.

Secretary General of the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union (BCPOU) Denise Wilson said members are ‘repulsed’ by some of the components in CWC’s proposal.

They staged a lunchtime demonstration at BTC’s headquarters on John F. Kennedy Drive March 6.

“There are certain things we want, but the company is saying it can’t give (these things) to us,” said Wilson after about 200 BTC workers participated.

“We want a different percentage rate than what they are offering. They are offering a four percent increase. We find that repugnant and I am repulsed by the fact that they are offering such a small amount, given the fact that they have gone on record saying that the company has done so well in such a small time.”

In a statement issued, BTC’s CEO Geoff Houston noted that BTC’s management will continue to negotiate in good faith and will do all it can to keep the communication open and up front.

“The truth is that we are witnessing the emergence of competition in more and more of our space,” he said.

The BTC CEO said the company must be organized and structured in such a way to survive and thrive in an ever more competitive market.

“We must organize the company in a way that accomplishes several critical goals: The operating structure must be nimble and agile enough to address the customers’ needs at times and in ways that are convenient to the customer,” Houston said.

“Second, we must engage our employees in a consistent and productive way, empowering them to shape the business and address customer demands efficiently. Third, the company must be performance driven, rewarding those team members who meet and exceed their established goals.

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