Disgraced Clergyman Peddles PLP

Anglican Archbishop Drexel Gomez

Several weeks after he appeared at a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) rally in North Andros to endorse his brother, Dr. Perry Gomez, as the PLP’s candidate for that constituency, retired Anglican Archbishop Drexel Gomez made a similar appearance last night — this time on behalf of his son, Damian.

Damian Gomez is the PLP’s candidate for Central and South Eleuthera.

As he addressed hundreds of PLP supporters at a rally in Governor’s Harbour, Bishop Gomez said that in the current political climate, civility, respect and tolerance are in very short supply.

“Unfortunately for these persons their protestations are not grounded in the laws of The Bahamas and are antithetical to the practice of the political group with which they have been affiliated,” Bishop Gomez said.

“The persons who make these false and baseless claims know that their affirmations bear no resemblance to truth and display strong evidence of malice and ill will.

“All Bahamians need to be reminded that our democratic form of governance requires all participants to demonstrate the following virtues of civility, respect and tolerance.”

Following Bishop Gomez’s appearance at the PLP North Andros rally earlier this year, Prime Minister Ingraham called on PLP Leader Perry Christie to apologize for allowing him to speak at a political rally.

But Bishop Gomez pointed out that he stayed clear of political statements when he addressed PLP supporters in Andros.

Similarly, he focused only on the attributes of his son Damian last night.