Inagua Upgrades On The Way

Hubert Ingraham

INAGUA, The Bahamas – Repairs, cleaning and restoration of various buildings and public facilities are on the way for Inagua. Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham announced that $200,000 would be made available to Local Government to complete the works there.

Mr. Ingraham was speaking at a contract signing ceremony for repair and reconstruction of 5.4 miles of roads in Mathew Town, Inagua.

He read a list of “small” things suggested by Chief Councillor Ken Rolle that Local Government in Inagua should be responsible for.

“I told him I would do so and I came to assure you that we shall make available the funding in the amount of about $200,000 in Local Government here in Inagua,” Mr. Ingraham said.

The list includes the following: repair of seawalls at the Government Complex, clear drains, repair the roof at the market place, the park located in the far east of the community known as Over the Hill Park, repair the cabana at the airport, clean and restore two public cemeteries, repair the public bathroom at the marina, resurface the parking area, replace all stop and street signs in the community, repair the roof of the building and structure at the Compound Lighthouse and construct an Inagua heroes park to recognise local Inaguans.

When he came to office in 1992 he met the roads in Inagua in very “poor” shape, the Prime Minister said.

“We selected a contractor to reconstruct the roads here and he did not do a good job.
“I was therefore surprised to discover in recent times that your roads had deteriorated and had I been aware that your roads had deteriorated I certainly would have given focused attention to them even before now,” he said.

Mr. Ingraham explained that he wanted to make sure that this time one of the best persons in The Bahamas was contracted to construct and repair the roads.

“Mr. Symonette and I do not see eye to eye politically, but he is a good road builder.”
He assured Inaguans that Mr. Symonette would do a good job.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services