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Did Shane Gibson Condone Violence?

Shameless Shane Gibson
Shameless Shane Gibson

Top brass at the PLP remain mum after four days of increasing controversy surrounding acts that promote violence against political opponents organized and promoted by PLP supporters at Shane Gibson’s nomination rally.

The PLP silence over pictures showing a convoy of PLP supporters cheering while running over an effigy of a FNM supporter speaks volumes of the real attitude of the party on anti-social behavior.

Pressured by the media and Winsome Miller, the FNM candidate for the Golden Gates constituency where the incident took place, PLP candidate Shane Gibson has expressed “disappointment” and says he doesn’t condone the behavior. In an attempt to deflect attention away from his supporters’ behaviour, Gibson feebly demanded an apology for unspecified events for which he alleges the FNM was responsible.

“Naturally when questioned by a reporter he claims to not condone this behavior. But the real question is did he condone it as it was happening?” said Miller.

“This was Shane’s motorcade on the way to his rally. It was posted on their official social network site. So it is fair to question the extent of his prior knowledge about this stunt and whether or not he participated in it, “ Miller continued.

“Mr. Gibson needs to man-up and be honest with constituents in Golden Gates about his role in this act. A half-hearted statement just isn’t enough. Saying you are disappointed and deflecting the question is not the same thing as apology,” Miller said.

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