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PLP Resurrects Failed 2002 Healthcare Agenda


The Claim: The PLP promises to deliver a remarkable agenda of improvements to health care.

The Truth: What is truly remarkable is that the PLP is bold enough to resurrect their failed 2002 promises and expect Bahamians to believe them a second time. In contrast, the FNM has delivered on healthcare and will deliver again. The record is clear.

PLP Promises in 2002

  • Introduce National Health Insurance as a matter of the most urgent priority. ¬†¬†FAILED
  • Transform Princess Margaret Hospital into a first class care facility. ¬†¬†FAILED
  • Modernize Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. ¬†¬†FAILED
  • Develop regional hospital in Exuma. ¬†¬†FAILED
  • Reduce the level of infant mortality. ¬†¬†FAILED

PLP Promises in 2012

  • Bring into operation the National Health Insurance Act of 2006. (See 2002 Promises)
  • Upgrades to PMH and the Rand. (See 2002 Promises)
  • Upgrade and expand Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. (See 2002 Promises)
  • Mini hospitals on Eleuthera and Exuma. (See 2002 Promises)
  • Reduce the level of infant mortality. (See 2002 Promises)

But the FNM Delivered:

FNM Promises in 2007

  • Introduce a Prescription Drug Programme. ¬†DELIVERED
  • Decentralise the delivery of health care through community clinics. ¬†DELIVERED
  • Renovate and expand Emergency Room at the Rand Memorial Hospital. ¬†DELIVERED
  • Renovate the Emergency Room at the Princess Margaret Hospital. ¬†DELIVERED

FNM Promises in 2012

  • Introduce, within three years, a National Catastrophic Health Insurance Programme
  • Construct a maternal and child health wing and Emergency Department in PMH
  • Construct community hospitals in Abaco, Exuma, Eleuthera and Long Island
  • Expand the prescription drug programme to cover all workers and their families
  • Upgrade of all community clinics to standardize primary health care delivery
  • Reduce the level of infant mortality

Same PLP. Same Empty Promises

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