PLP’s 100 Day Plan Is A Political Ploy

Tommy Turnquest, National Spokesperson for the FNM released the following statement in response to the PLP’s list of 100-day promises:

“The PLP list of 100 days promises reads like a padded resume’ with phrases like ‘Initiate a plan,’  ‘Set in motion a plan,’ and ‘Renew the commitment.’

“It sounds like they are going to spend the first 100 days writing plans.
They did not set a single goal to complete anything in the first 100 days.”

“But that is what they are good at—talking. The last time the PLP was in power, they had 1825 days and didn’t bring a single significant project to completion.”

“In 2002, it took them a week to even appoint an Attorney General. It took them four years to appoint a Royal Defence Force Commodore. Not a single vessel was added to the fleet during the PLP’s term in office.”

“During their last term in office—five years–the PLP delivered failure after failure and scandal after scandal. They didn’t even get started on many projects to meet their 2002 election promises.”

“They promised National Health Care in 2002. The straw market; building a new Princess Maragret Hospital; a new terminal at LPIA; and the national stadium—1825 days and nothing.”

“It took the PLP until less than two weeks before elections to even release their charter of governance. And when they did, it was full of recycled promises and programs, ideas borrowed from others and pie-in-the-sky claims.”

“Its natural that projects would begin in the first 100 days. But they aren’t even saying that. They are planning on planning. Yet they are touting it to mislead citizens into believing that they will achieve results quickly.”

“The PLP 100 days plan is another political ploy and more empty promises.”

“The PLP’s record of rudderless, weak, indecisive and corrupt leadership, belies their promises of results in 100 days. Its just pure fiction.”

Free National Movement