Dengue Fever Cases Confirmed

Dengue fever outbreaks could become more severe in the Bahamas

Ministry of Health officials have confirmed that there have been several cases of dengue fever in New Providence this year. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Delon Brennen said the number of cases so far this year is similar to years before at this time.

However, it is too early to tell what will come this year. In 2011 it was during the summer months of July and August when there was an outbreak of dengue fever in New Providence. Health officials were reporting an average of 100 suspected cases of dengue fever per day. Patients were primarily from the eastern and southeastern communities of New Providence.

Dr. Brennen confirmed that there were dengue fever related deaths but the Ministry of Health has not yet released official statistics. While there were some cases of bleeding symptoms among dengue fever patients, health officials report there have been no cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever.