Shifting Political Times in The Bahamas

shifting timesWe have had two one-term governments in a row; which is a reflection of the shifting political times in The Bahamas – in my view.  The Bahamian electorate is clearly more aware and wiser, and we hold those who seek to represent us to a higher standard than yesteryear.

This is no longer about Puppy love for the FNM or PLP, or the irrational support for any other; rather, the people simply want good governance and a healthy and prosperous future for themselves, their children and country.

The new Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government should not allow their recent landslide victory to cloud the genuine wishes of the masses.  We demand an environment where we could support ourselves and family, as the majority of us are not for hand-outs or political charity.

It’s all about pleasing the employer before another general election season comes.  Delivering a strong and all-around job environment is absolutely essential to the present government’s possible second term success; and so is the significant reduction in crime.

Indeed, low unemployment numbers and a much more peaceful and respectable environment are totally necessary for the politically ambitious Bahamian today.

Time will reveal if the Perry Christie PLP administration is up to the task of delivering for the Bahamian boss people who are really serious about a better Bahamas for all citizens.

By:  Dennis Dames