Hello Kitty: Internet Defense League to Fight Copyright Bullies

Cat Sign: Internet Defense LeagueMozilla, WordPress, Reddit and a number of other sites have joined forces to combat copyright crackdown legislation, through a distributed lobby group called the Internet Defense League.

Launching on Thursday, the League offers code that webmasters can embed in their sites, so opposition to legislation such as ACTA or SOPA can be swiftly organised. “When the internet’s in danger and we need millions of people to act, the League will ask its members to broadcast an action,” the League’s website explains.

Fittingly, given the membership of the Cheezburger Network, the League’s equivalent to the bat signal is the ‘cat signal’, a sign representing what is the near-official mascot of the web. Expect to see it shining into the sky on Thursday night in London, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC and, weirdly, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia — the League’s launch parties are designed to coincide with the release of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.