Balduccino’s Appetite For Mastercard Program Rewarded

The fruit of an upscale deli’s promotional labour has earned it top place as a monthly winner in a MasterCard-Ministry of Tourism campaign. Balduccino’s deli, bakery and gourmet food shop on East Bay Street in Nassau topped 53 other merchants in increased MasterCard sales for a recent month.

This is the fourth year the Ministry of Tourism and MasterCard have co-hosted the campaign designed to provide greater value and satisfaction to visitors who use their MasterCard membership to receive benefits and gifts while in The Bahamas. This year, the program was raised to the company’s highest Priceless level. Recently, morel local businesses like Balduccino’s have come onboard.

Pictured, l to r, E. ‘Tommy’ Thompson, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Tourism; Tim Jenkins, Manager, Balduccino’s Fine Foods; Diane Phillips and Michelle Curtis, DP&A, public relations agency representing the program. (Photo by Derek Smith, Jr.)