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Letter Shows Public Was Deceived On NIB Issue

A letter has surfaced purporting to show that despite claiming he did not know a woman for whom he sought $15,000 in NIB coverage, Gregory Moss was in fact “personally familiar” with the patient.

The opposition FNM hit out at Mr Moss over the letter, which asks a doctor for help in drawing a payment plan for the woman, but sources close to the former NIB chairman insist he “was not wrong” in getting her much-needed medical assistance.

Without confirming or denying the validity of the letter, the sources said Mr Moss was not acquainted with the patient, but did know her daughter.

But in a statement on Facebook last week, Mr Moss claimed he did not know either of the women.

“Concerning the issuance of a letter of guarantee to Doctors Hospital for $15,000, that allegation is true,” he wrote. “But the aspersion connected with it is patently and demonstrably false. The facts are that some months ago, on a Saturday, I received a distraught telephone call from a lady concerning her mother who was scheduled to have heart valve surgery at Doctors Hospital the following Monday morning at 8am.  I did not personally know the lady or her mother.”

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