Concern Over Possible Blacklisting?

Pardon my ignorance to all of the laws as it relates banking, blacklisting and the United States various objections.

During the past weeks, I have had many questions about the PLP government and the will to really execute what they in fact have the power to do in parliament.

I also asked myself, is this really something about which we should be seriously concerned?

Be that as it may, the one major question that keeps coming up is “would the Bahamas be blacklisted by the United States if it attempts to deposit monies gained from the numbers business?”

Can the government with one fell swoop “clean up all of the money?” Should money laundering be a concern for the PLP government?

In my humble opinion, we all should be concerned, because if we are blacklisted again, we would be in a stew.

So all of the people who only look at this as a right that has been violated, they should think harder and deeper and look at the repercussions, both locally and most of all internationally.

My conscience is working overtime.

Ivoine W Ingraham
Nassau, The Bahamas
February, 2013