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Police Close-Mouthed On Mistaken Shooting

Job Munnings, aka Mr Versatile

FREEPORT – The family of a well-known Bahamian singer who was mistakenly shot and killed by a police officer in Abaco claims their requests for information about the incident have been ignored.

Community activist Troy Garvey, a spokesman for the family, said Tabitha Munnings and Jacqueline Curry, the sisters of Job Munnings, alias ‘‘Mr Versatile”, are desperately seeking answers about his death.

He said they travelled to Abaco on February 22, but were refused a copy of police reports concerning the shooting on January 20.

Munnings is well known for his songs, “Holding on, Stay Strong”, “When I Die”, and “Things are Gonna Change One Day”.

He was at The Mud – a Haitian community in Marsh Harbour – when he was shot by police during a special police operation. He was 34.

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