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Photos Show Nygard Environment Damage

Photos showing damage from the construction at Simms Point/Nygard Cay have been released by.Attorney Fred Smith, one of the leading members of the Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay.

Smith said the construction of breakwaters and beach works has resulted in the collection of sand around the tip of the Simms Point, essentially expanding the beach around Lyford Cay billionaire Peter Nygard’s property at the expense of Jaws Beach and Clifton Bay.

This constructionis being done in the absence of permits and has led to the destruction the land and marine environment in the area, said Smith.

Mr Smith took the photos over the weekend and said he watched as a dredge pumped sand from the ocean floor onto the Crown Land.

In a Tribune article Mr. Smith was quoted: “I watched as the backhoe tractor removed sand and spread it to other parts of the Crown Land beach which he has created. I watched as the dredge pump spewed, on a continuous basis, sand onto his land.

“I watched and photographed as workers stopped the dredge and hurriedly drove the tractor behind some buildings to hide it. I watched as the cement mixer continued to make cement while many men worked construction on the northern side of Nygard Cay.”

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