Public Warned Over Posting ‘Police Abuse’ Photos Online

After his threats… um warning, that posting what he termed “lewd” or “obscene” images would “get you into grave problems” Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade has said nothing about whether or not action will be taken against the individuals who re-posted photos that led to Rodney Moncur being charged before the courts.

Bahamians continue to protest Mr Moncur’s treatment, and two of the photos in question have resurfaced on Facebook. One was uploaded to CNN, showing the body of Jamie Smith, who died while in police custody last month and the other showed the bruised buttocks of a man who claimed to have been beaten by police.

Mr Moncur was charged with committing a “grossly indecent act” for publishing the photographs.

Mr Greenslade’s warned to the public not to post “lewd” or “obscene” pictures online elicited a strong backlash.

The Facebook page “Free Rodney Moncur” gathered more than 4,000 members and fierce debate occurred online over the charges facing Moncur, with some questioning why others who had posted material online, which they considered more offensive, had not been charged.