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Visitor Volunteer Work Assists Students

LW Young students learned a new skill over several weeks due to the volunteer work of Marilyn Devine, a Canadian visitor who got involved with the school through People to People volunteer Gloria Brown.

Ms. Devine worked as a swim coach for 25 years. Now in retirement, she enjoys visiting The Bahamas each year for periods up to six months. During her time in The Bahamas, she has volunteered as a regatta worker and offered service to The Bahamas in many ways. At the suggestion of Ms. Brown, who also has a granddaughter enrolled at LW Young, Ms. Devine taught art students the craft of knitting.

“I like to teach anything that anybody wants to learn and teaching girls is even more important to me because I believe that the girls, if you learn a skills, it helps empower you and gives you self confidence,” Ms. Devine said.

Even when someone does not master skills, the work improves them, she said. “It’s the learning and the trying that counts,” she continued.

Ms. Devine taught the students two times per week over several weeks. She hopes to return to the school in a few months. For many years, she has been a part of a charity that provides knitted caps for disadvantaged children in the United States – Caps for Kids. She hoped that something similar might be started in The Bahamas.

“The suggestion is that they might like to start their own program where they donate hats as I belong to this Cap for Kids Program,” Ms. Devine said. “That is for disadvantaged kids in America and they might like to do something like that or they might like to make the hats for themselves.”

Principal Janet Nixon said the school intends to make the knitted items available to students of the School for the Blind. She said the school appreciated those who donated their time to assist students.

“Anytime we can get parents to introduce us to people who have the skills that can assist our students, we are prepared to work along with parents who want to partner with us,” she said.

Ms. Nixon said the young women who learned knitting from Ms. Devine might one day be able to gain income from it. Ms. Brown agreed.

“I believe at least one or two of the young people will see that there is a career in this for them,” Ms. Brown said.

Ms. Brown said she would also volunteer to assist with teaching classes at LW Young.

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