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Central Bank Announces Student Art Contest

Since 1984, the Central Bank stages an annual art competition and exhibition, through which it continues to uncover and showcase budding Bahamian talent in the visual arts. For many, this competition and exhibition has served as an introduction to the Bahamian art world, and the exposure received has been an invaluable first step in growing their gifts.

Moreover, in staging this event, the Central Bank has enjoyed the distinct privilege of assisting young Bahamians in educational pursuits that have helped them to further develop their skills, and a number of them have gone on to very promising and successful professional careers in visual arts.

Central Bank of The Bahamas High School/Junior Art 2013 Competition & Exhibition Submit art by October 25th, 2013.

1st place: $1800; 2nd place: $1300; and 3rd place: $1000!

Participants must be citizens of The Bahamas currently enrolled in secondary school, or a 2013 graduate not involved in commercial sales of artwork.

For more information, please visit the bank’s website at or call 242-302-2603.

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