Attorney: Guards Should Have Shot Cuban Detainees

The Cuban detainees who were savagely beaten and abused at the Detention Center in Nassau, Bahamas, should have been shot by guards as they tried to escape, says attorney Wayne Munroe.

Munroe, whose friendship and support of criminals knows no bounds, is defending at least one of the abusive guards in court.

The attorney, who makes a living keeping scum on the streets of Nassau, says guards should have opened fire on the escapees, despite the fact that their apprehension could be accomplished without such actions.

Munroe, who likes to bend reality to suit his ill-conceived defence strategies, fails to appreciate that the torture and abuse of the Cubans did not occur when they were trying to escape, but rather, was meted out afterwards, in punishment for the emabarrassment the guards suffered as a result of the escape attempt.

In fact, a few of the escapees were not even identified until guards searched through the male population of the Detention Center, looking for people with cuts on their palms, indicating that they may have handled barbed wire in an escape attempt.

Had the guards followed Munroe’s assinine advice, The Bahamas would be in far greater trouble than it already is with the Cuban-American community in Florida.  And the international human rights community would never condone such barbarian action.

Under the orders of a senior Defence Force officer, the men accused of the escape attempt were taken into a room and forced to lay on the floor while guards kicked them and beat them with a stick and a PVC pipe.

At no time did any of the Cuban detainees make any attempt to disarm or attack any of the officers.

The Bahamas government is pretending to be investigating the abuse of the Cubans, but in reality they are just waiting for the headlines to die down, so they can sweep this incident under the rug, like so many other terrible situations that never get properly resolved in The Bahamas.

It is doubtful that the Cuban-American community in South Florida will allow that to happen.