Health Reports On Schools Must Be Released

The government must release the unedited reports from the Department of Environmental Health on the Stephen Dillet & Uriah McPhee Primary schools. Parents need to demand to know this information, as it is your children being exposed to whatever organisms and industrial agents were and/or still are in the ventilation systems and atmosphere of both schools.

Teachers have demanded the release of these reports and have thus far been ignored by the government. Mold creates serious health hazards as do industrial agents like fiberglass. And the removal of mold and the airborne spores it creates is a process, not a one-step, one-time deal – so don’t allow the government and its spokespersons in the media to rock you to sleep through lack of education on how these contaminants are to be properly dealt with.

These health reports have now joined the list of publicly funded reports that the government has refused to release to the Bahamian people in an arrogant stance that basically tells the country “we don’t need to answer to you, you go with what we tell you and nothing more”.

Playing with your tax dollars is heinous enough – your children’s health and the health of teachers is another matter. We as Bahamians need to wake up and pay attention to what is being done to us and our families, and stop sitting back and taking violations and abuses at the hands of the people elected to serve, not to rule as royalty.

If your children’s health matters, you ought to demand to know the truth and facts and not relax merely on the word of a politician when the findings of environmental health experts are being kept from you.

Sharon Turner