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Myths Bahamians Believe In

Myth One: Did you know that over 80 percent of the people of The Bahamas believe that Crown land belongs to them? It has always been my understanding that Crown land was the property of the Crown, who in my understanding is the royal family of Europe. Do you really believe that the royal family of Europe would hand over to a small group of ex-slaves, who did almost nothing to improve these islands, one of their favorite possessions?

Crown land is to be profitable to all the people, not a for a few individuals’ personal wealth; rather for parks, farms, hospitals, roads, airports and public things of that nature. Anything other than that the government and the governor will have to explain to the Queen why they gave an individual a piece of property to build a house on. Imagine what that would do to the local landowner and real estate developers in general.

Misinformation about Crown land is expressed daily on talk radio by some individuals and politicians – I’m sure who know better. But they are fooling the people so they can get their votes by telling them that the Bahamian people own Crown Land. If they did, it would be called the people’s land, not Crown land.

Myth Two: Investors come to The Bahamas with no money, go to a bank and borrow Bahamian money to build a hotel, office building, etc., costing millions of dollars of our money and all that is required of them, as is always preached by our local radio hosts, is to be white and have on a suit with an empty briefcase and the government will offer concessions that are not extended to Bahamians.

The truth is no one in this day and age needs to tote around money, as the invention of the Internet allows money to be shifted to any bank account in The Bahamas. The foreigners have better chances of getting concessions from the government simply because they are recommended by international banks and the fact they bring to the country new money instead of locally generated money.

The truth about myth two is Bahamians do not have that much money in the banks. For example, a few years ago the local banks declared that less than 10 percent of Bahamians have more than $10,000 in their accounts. You do the math.

As for jobs, any time a foreigner builds anything in this country even the peanut boy gets a trickle-down share. The portion of one’s share depends on your education, your ability, qualifications, honesty record, presentation and attitude. My advice, improve all these attributes as quickly as possible and watch your country and yourself excel to unprecedented heights. Stay in school, keep your hands off things that don’t belong to you and be nice to strangers.

Myth Three: Is that you think The Bahamas owes you a good living because you are a black Bahamian and the white man had you as a slave for 300 years.

The truth is if you would go back to the histories of the world you’d find that black people don’t have a monopoly on slavery. All races of people were slaves at one time – the yellow, the white, the brown. They all lived through and prospered after being freed. Life is not fair, get used to it. Besides, with your free education, free health care, free medicine, free movement, free speech, you’re doing better than most races of the world today.

You should thank God every day for the United States and Great Brittan for keeping you safe and out of harms way. No one is attacking you. No one is bombing you. No one is trying to put you back in slavery. Remember, we couldn’t even fight off one old Cuban war plane. They just heard the U.S was on the way to protect us and they ran like hell. Oh by the way, relatives of the boy who lived after that ordeal never got around to thanking the Americans. Of course not, we are too ungrateful for that. We would rather rob them, kill them, knock down their senor citizens on their way to church, rape their children and things of that nature. We may need them to save our hides if Ison, the comet, that should be passing here or hitting us in November is not stopped or diverted. It could change life on this planet as we know it.

When you hear our top lawyers and pastors saying that people running away from home looking for a better way of life should be shot and beat up, you know we have moved too far away from God and will not be able to get back without some serious repercussion. Prayers can’t even help you now. God is tired of you making a puppet show of him.

By: Bob Nevil

Posted in Opinions

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