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Bahamas Striping Launches 1st Annual Charity Initiative

Bahamas Striping Group of Companies, is fervently dedicated to bringing together social and corporate partners who are all fighting for the soul of the Bahamas in its first annual “The Dollar That Could” charity fundraising initiative.

“The Dollar That Could” Project is a 31 days campaign beginning Friday, November 1- Saturday, November 30, 2013, that will seek to raise $60,000.00 through various events and campaigns in aid of The Bahamas Red Cross, The Bahamas Humane Society, Special Olympics Bahamas, and Bahamas Alliance For Animal Rights and Kindness (BAARK!). One hundred percent of all the proceeds received will be divided equally between the charities.

Bahamas Striping, Managing Director, Mr. Allen Albury indicated, “Bahamas Striping wanted to build a program that all Bahamians can participate in, and to bring together social and corporate partners, letting everyone knows that every dollar counts.”

The company has made countless donations over the past three years by contributing school bags, ham and turkeys, and toys to Urban Renewal, and water to hurricane victims. President, Mr. Atario Mithchell added, “We have decided to invite the entire community to assist and partner with Bahamas Striping. Every dollar is that dollar that could and we are enthused to launch this project today.”

According to Mitchell the four participating charities were chosen based on the impact they make in the community. Additionally, they wanted to have a more redefined and focused approach on how they reach out to the community, and assist with the challenges of the various communities. The charity representatives expressed their sincere gratitude to Bahamas Striping for developing the project and made appeals to Bahamians to donate whatever they could to the campaign.

Kim Aranha, President of The Bahamas Humane Society said, “I am extremely excited to be apart of this project and  we have always felt that more corporate sponsorship is needed in the Bahamas, and clearly Bahamas Striping is one of those corporate citizens that has a conscience, and a heart.  Caring for animals effects the well being of the humans living in the environment. A dog that is excessively barking results in a child having less time to study, or interrupts a persons sleeping habits, overturn trash brings in garbage, sickness and disease. When we come into a community we help these things to improve by our management of animals and the humans that live with the animals.”

“This a collaborative effort, we work with people of who have intellectual and mental disabilities, and that population is about six to ten percent. This initiative will help us to expand the reach, and whatever the public can do to assist us, will go a long way,” said Nello Lambert, Chairman of Special Olympics Bahamas.

Chairman of BAARK!, Laura Kimble said,  “Our main focus is the spay and neuter program because there are times when we meet people who will have a dog, and it will have puppies that they are unable to take care of, and ultimately end up at the shelter. The fundraiser will assist BAARK! and The Bahamas Humane Society to build The J. Albury Kennels, and The Jill Ganza Puppy House.”

“Everyone feels overwhelmed by all of the charities that need help, and may feel like they can help, so they decide to do nothing. But just doing a little bit, by donating a dollar will make a huge difference to each of the charities.”

The Humane Society and BAARK work together on various projects to make an impact on the animal community in The Bahamas.

Monalisa Fowler, Volunteer Coordinator at The Bahamas Red Cross, extended the pleas for volunteers to assist with the day to day operations of the Red Cross.

“We need help with our Meals on Wheels programs. We feed eighty to ninety meals daily to persons who are unable to have access to a cooked meal per day. The Red Cross is in need for a new ambulance that assists with income for the organization.”

In order to accomplish the goal of “The Dollar That Could Project”, persons are able to donate at any Solomon’s Fresh Market Location, Solomon’s Supercentre, and Cost Rite Locations in Nassau, and Grand Bahama, through a point of sale system at the end of their purchase. A National Tee Shirt day will be held on Friday, November 29, 2013, and representatives from each charity and Bahamas Striping will be outside of business establishments and on the streets of the capital on Thursday, November 28th- Saturday, November 30th, 2013 encouraging persons to donate just a dollar. Persons are also able to donate funds into Royal Bank of Canada account number 7326366, which was established specifically for the project. Bahamas Web Solutions has partnered with “The Dollar That Could Project” to establish a user friendly payment system on Bahamas Striping’s website (  for persons who wish to donate by credit card.

The campaign launches November 1, 2013, and persons who are interested in becoming a part of the program can contact Bahamas Striping at 324-2162.

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Caption: Participating Charities launchThe Dollar That Could Project with Bahamas Striping. Shown from Left to Right:  Nello Lambert, Chairman of Special Olympics Bahamas, Laura Kimble, Chairman of BAARK!, Mr. Atario Mitchell, President of Bahamas Striping Group of Companies, Monalisa Fowler, Volunteer Coordinator at The Bahamas Red Cross, and Kim Aranha, President of The Bahamas Humane Society

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